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Company was born in 1988, with 30 years of vast and long experience in general decoration and in these last 20 years more concentrated in the home textiles.

The reason for our existence is simplicity and constant novelties.
The avant-garde, success and recognition of the quality of our products results in a portfolio of satisfied customers and loyal to our company.


Make possible the desired changes in residential or commercial environments, aiming at the functionality, harmony, comfort and beauty of our customers.


Offer quality products capable of enchanting, surprising and fulfilling the dreams of our customers.   
We are already reference in the market, linking Marofe brand with good taste.

Grupo Marofe


Marofe - Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira, Unipessoal, Lda

Rua Carlos Magalhães, Lote 7
Quinta das Cabanas - Dume
4700-001 BRAGA

Email: marofe@sapo.pt
Tel: +351 253 624 170 | +351 937 511 712